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Pipes,Pumps,Impellers,Valves,Tanks,Condensers,Heat Exchangers, Tube Sheets, Water Boxes, Chillers, Absorbers, Shafts, Hydraulic Rams,FGD Systems, Scrubbers, Centrifuges, Cooling Towers, Containment Dikes, Troughs, Spillways, Propellers, Kort Nozzles, Bow Thrusters, Rudders, Struts Hull Fairing & etc…

Also we are doing & performing energy conservation projects in Pump coating to avoid the friction loss in the fluid flow handling areas.

In Industrial coating the important requirement is application part for which we are having most experienced & professional technicians and they will take the responsibility to execute the projects based on customer’s stipulated time.

International Testing and Approvals

  • U.S. Military Specification DOD-C-24176/QPL-24176-19
  • Nuclear DBA testing (ASTM D3911-89)
  • Canadian Electrical Association No. 511G530
  • Reduction of Cavitation Erosion Damage/87- Rated “Best”
  • Coating Services Group (CSG) Torus Liner Performance
  • (Nuclear) Evaluation No. 3168 – Highest Rating
  • Other Tests/Approvals/Commendations: U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, ABS, U.S.D.A, F.D.A.
  • *Specific details/product information available upon request.